Photographed by Adam Plucinski and styled by Sara Milczarek for 50th issue of polish fashion magazine KMag.

Cabbage exhibits a beautiful geometric pattern.
My head is here today. So much in it, so much that I have and have not accomplished. So much feeling like my path is a fucked up ball of elastics that I just don’t know what to do with. So much excitement for what’s coming. So much fear. So much anxiety. So much preparedness. Such passion, such self consciousness. Self reflection, soul searching, soul finding. Too much coffee drinking, too much change with no promised plan or answer. 

I leave for my trip today, we will be going to the East Coast of Canada. And Maine, and Boston in the United States. It’s an all girl vacation, with my best friend, her mom and grandmother, and my mom. Part of me is afraid I’ll come back and my dad will have relapsed like last time, but I won’t project this. I have to tell my mom about Scotland. 

Heavens I’m a mess today.